Step-By-Step Instructions!

If you're completely new to the world of collecting coins and banknotes, don't worry - I'll walk you through step-by-step the best way of appraising and selling your collection to ensure you get the most you possibly can for it. I explain exactly what to do and how to go about it.

If you aren't new, the Layman's Guide will save you a heap of time keeping track of where the market's at. Here's a preview of the table of contents:

  •     Introduction
  •     Australia's Gold Coins: Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns
  •     How To Tell Where Your Sovereign Is Made
  •     Commonwealth (Pre Decimal) Coins
  •     How To "Grade" Your Coins
  •     Decimal Coins - Pocket Change Lottery!
  •     Commonwealth (Pre Decimal) Notes
  •     Condition: How to "Grade" A Banknote
  •     Paper Decimal Banknotes
  •     Polymer Decimal Banknotes
  •     How to Get The Best Price When Selling Your Coins and Notes
  •     The Leading Numismatic Dealers and Auctioneers in Australia
  •     A Resource List (For Much More Information)
  •     Clubs and Societies
  •     How To Clean Your Coins
  •     How To Get Your Coins and Notes Organized
  •     Getting A Valuation - Informal or Written
  •     ANDA Trade Shows: Australia's Leading Dealers Under One Roof

You'll have direct access to the pricing information that takes dealers and serious collectors months, if not years to come to grips with!