Pre decimal Notes

The term “pre decimal notes” sounds simple enough, however this area of Australia’s money is a lot more complex than the layman might appreciate.

There are around 120 different pre decimal notes - eight different denominations, thirteen signatories and four different design themes were printed between 1913 and 1966.

It’s now been close to 40 years since pre decimal notes were withdrawn from circulation, and the vast majority of them have been destroyed by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Most notes from the early 60’s are still reasonably easy for collectors to get, and are worth little more than their face value in average condition. There are other pre decimal notes that are so rare, there are no more than a few of them in existence and they’re worth tens of thousands of dollars. Australia’s very first note has changed hands for a cool one million dollars!

It was issued right around the country during World War II
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