Polymer Decimal Notes

I’d be a Brazillionaire If I had a dollar for every time a baby boomer has stood in front of me and wistfully say “Ah, they don’t make the notes like they used to, do they? I can’t stand the look of the new fangled plastic ones.”

The old cliche that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure would actually apply perfectly to the collector market for Australian polymer (plastic) banknotes, except I’ve never heard of anyone tossing a perfectly good plastic $100 note into the rubbish just because they didn’t think it looked as good as the ones from “the olden days”. (Baby boomers might be sentimental when it comes to music, fashion and money, but they aren’t completely soft in the head.)

There is in fact a hugely dedicated core of polymer note collectors out there – our rarest polymer notes are worth thousands of dollars. These collectors really can be very dedicated – it isn’t unusual for one to withdraw $5,000 in notes from the bank, take them home and sort through them to find ones they don’t have!

These are very keenly sought by "first and last prefix" collectors

1988 $10 polymer note worth up to $2,000
You need to pick the right example of the 11 different varieties of this note!
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