Heads side of a penny worth upwards of  $5,000
It's history is closely tied to the Great Depression.

1988 $10 polymer note worth up to $2,000
You need to pick the right example of the 11 different varieties of this note!

A quick check of our list will tell you the serials to look for

Not all round 50 cent coins are equal though.

It's created a storm of controversy over the years

The Half Sovereign Worth A Minimum of $15,000
There are probably no more than 50 available for collectors.

You'll have no problems selling one of these to a dealer or collector

It was issued right around the country during World War II

These are very keenly sought by "first and last prefix" collectors

It sure wasn't as popular then as it is now

Australia's Largest Pre-Decimal Coin Has Solid Value
There are two different types - one is far rarer than the other.

Always brings a premium over comparable coins from other dates

The actual number made is far lower than the recorded mintage

Every note collector needs to get one to complete their set