The Collection Calculator

To make calculating the total value of your collection even easier, you'll receive our "collection calculator". It effortlessly adds up the value of each coin and note that you have - all you need to do is punch in how many you have of each coin and note.

Believe or not, this simple spreadsheet is going to be the one thing that shows you just how lucrative your collection really is!

There are more than a few reasons why it's going to ensure you get as much as possible for your collection:
First of all, it makes the process easy. A lot of people put off a job like this because they believe it'll take forever to
do - this spreadsheet makes it a breeze.

Secondly, one small mathematical mistake could result in an error that massively undervalues your collection. Leave the number crunching to your computer and it's done 100% correctly as soon as you've finished typing the numbers in.
Third, it'll make sure you keep track of every single item in your collection - you can't forget to include anything by using it!

Finally, adjustments can be made in seconds - if you negotiate a better price or the market changes over time, you can still use this calculator to value your collection.

Not only are you getting a Layman's Guide with all the latest figures; tips, hints and insights into how you can get the optimum amount for your collection ... but you're also getting your very own custom-designed collection calculator, which will add it all up for you.