Would You Like to Value You Coin Collection Accurately, All By Yourself?

The Layman's Guide To Australian Coin Values will:

  • Help you identify all of Australia's most valuable coins & notes
  • Give you an accurate idea of how much a dealer will pay you for it
  • Give you pointers on how and where to sell it.

My name's Andrew Crellin, and I've been dealing in rare coins and notes full-time for 12 years now. I started my numismatic career at the Perth Mint, and have spent over a decade in Sydney employed with two of Australia's leading numismatic dealers. If you'd like to learn more about my credentials, check out my biography on the "About Us" page.

Although the market for rare coins is definitely a specialized field, my experience in doing business with thousands of customers and in training half a dozen staff has shown me that nearly all of the coins and notes that non-collectors have can be appraised at home by the layman, once you have access to the right information.

With the Layman's Guide, the average person can have access to information that's either only available to dealers, or to those dedicated collectors that spend hours; days and even months researching the market.

If this sounds like the kind of information you're looking for, the book will cost you less than $20, just go ahead and click the button above - you'll be reading it within minutes. I know the information in it is 100% accurate - it comes with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.






- Andrew Crellin

The types of coins and notes covered by this book

  • Australian Gold Coinage

    Australian Gold Coinage

    It’s not unusual for someone to find a small gold coin in an accumulation in...
  • Pre Decimal Coins

    Pre Decimal Coins

    If you’re looking to get values on some old Australian coins, chances are they are...
  • Decimal Coins

    Decimal Coins

    There’s been well over eleven billion decimal coins produced in Australia since 1966 – statistics...
  • Polymer Decimal Notes

    Polymer Decimal Notes

    I’d be a Brazillionaire If I had a dollar for every time a baby boomer...
  • Paper Decimal Notes

    Paper Decimal Notes

    Australia issued paper decimal notes between 1966 and 1996, so most young teenagers today will...
  • Pre decimal Notes

    Pre decimal Notes

    The term “pre decimal notes” sounds simple enough, however this area of Australia’s money is...

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